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We're located in Melbourne, Australia

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Inspired by a desire to solve the eternal search for everyday wardrobe essentials that fit beautifully and are ethically made at a price you can appreciate. LE BUNS is an Australia based, Eco-friendly Intimate and Swimwear label that only uses luxe organic and regenerated fabrics. With sustainability and the environment in mind each garment has been created in timeless designs, focusing on quality and only the most flattering silhouettes.


Basically, we design effortless, comfortable and luxurious intimates and swimwear, that are kind to our environment without being over designed or over priced.

eco-friendly essentials 
small things, can make a big difference 


LÉ BUNS is the perfect solution for environmentally aware, quality and health conscious babes who want the most flattering designs that are easy to shop for and easy to wear. 

Independently designed in Melbourne, Australia & manufactured ethically in Bali, Indonesia. LÉ BUNS focus on souring sustainable & natural organic fabrics to ensure longevity of your purchase.

Material includes nylon contained in fishing nets and clothing which is transformed back into virgin raw material without any loss of quality. These renewed fabrics are highly durable yet luxuriously soft which means garments made for you by LÉ BUNS represent real value.


Our swimwear is fabric is sourced in Italy from a mill that has been knitting innovative fabrics for over 50 years. This yarn comes from 100% regenerated materials, helping to reduce the amount of global waste by collecting it from landfills and oceans and feeding it back into production cycles.



Our intimates are made with GOTS certified organic cotton which is pure and isn’t treated with anti-static, anti-wrinkle pesticides and all the other toxic chemicals that ordinarily goes into making cotton. It is super soft, feels amazing to wear and breathes beautifully.


Babes with allergies and sensitivity to chemicals especially benefit and we can all celebrate the fact that certified organic cotton doesn’t leave any harmful side effects on the environment.


LÉ BUNS is a vocal advocate for ethical fashion manufacturing and proud to in share a transparent production process with our buyers. We exclusively work with boutique family owned facilities that conserve water and energy use, and take the time to make sure that the people who produce our fabrics and collections are treated well.  

The manufacturing process is managed in a highly sustainable manner almost every thing in the factory is reused resulting which means very little waste. Not even cuttings or scraps are thrown away, these are all given to local orphanages so the children can make dolls. 


Natural elements complete the process with all printing done by hand and dried by the sun instead of large heat machines as Chinese and Australian factories would use. Even the pre washing of the fabrics are  washed by hand and dried by the sun instead of industrial washing machines.